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Customer Loyalty Program

What is the Customer Loyalty Program?
It's an In-Store Points Program from Patches Pet Supply... and it costs you nothing to join!
Every time you buy something at Patches, you'll earn points. Collect enough of them and you can buy any of your favorite products, with the points, from Patches Pet Supply. It's that simple!

How does the Points System work?
For every dollar (before taxes) you spend at Patches Pet Supply, you earn 1 point.
You can then cash in your points at Patches towards another purchase. 

What is a Point worth?
The value of your points goes like this:
          100 points = $1.50
          500 points = $7.50
          1,000 points = $15.00
          2,000 points = $30.00

How many Points do I get on a purchase?
You get 1 point for ever dollar you spend at net value (meaning, dollar value before taxes).

Is there a minimum amount of Points I must have before I can redeem them?
You can redeem points at any time.
There is no minimum, so you can redeem points valued at less than $1.

Do Points expire?
Your points don't expire as long as the card is in use. If there is no activity on your card for two years, your card will be automatically cancelled and all remaining points removed.

What can I get for my Points?
Points can be used the same as cash for anything sold at Patches Pet Supply.
However, points cannot be redeemed for cash, rather, they can only be used as cash towards another purchase.

Can I check my Points Balance online?
Unfortunately, No... We are currently not able to provide this service.
However, your points balance will be printed on your cash receipt at the end of each sale.

How do I get a Customer Loyalty Card?
Customer Loyalty Cards are available at Patches Pet Supply. Just fill out a simple form at the store, and wait for a call to let you know when your card is available to pick up during a future visit. Processing time is usually 4 - 6 weeks. These cards are ready to use as soon as you receive them.

How much credit does my Customer Loyalty Card give me?
Your Customer Loyalty Card is not a credit card; it is a points card only.

Can I have more than one card?
There is a limit of one Loyalty Card per account.

Can everyone in my family collect Points on one account?
Yes. However, the same card must be used by all members.
There is only one card available per account, and this card must be presented at every sale in order to collect points.

Can I use my Card for Online Purchases?
Unfortunately, no… This Customer Loyalty Program is an In-Store Points Program only, and the card must be physically present at time of purchase.

What if I forget my Card? Can I still get my Points?
Unfortunately, No... In order to receive points on your card, you must always present your card to the cashier at the beginning of every sale.

I lost my Card. What do I do?
There is only one card available per account, which is free of charge. If for any reason you need a replacement card, call us at 709-489-4944. We will cancel your previous card, transfer your points to a new card, and get it to you right away. However, there is a minimal fee of $5 per card replaced.

Who can I call for more information?
For any questions about our Customer Loyalty Program, please call our store at 709-489-4944, or visit our location in person at 39 Park Street, GrandFalls-Windsor.
If you'd prefer, you may also email us at info@patchespetsupply.ca